How can I add an email suffix?

Email suffixes can only be added by an administrator.

What's the use for an email suffix?
An email suffix is the latter part of an email address. For example the email address consists of the red "prefix" "myname" and the blue "" behind the @ sign, called "suffix".

Usually each company has one or many email suffixes which usually equal their internet domain names, e.g. or We use these suffixes to identify users from one company and assign new users automatically to their company when they register as a user.

If users register with an unknown email suffix, they will always be assigned to the default company. In case you don't run your own Open CarPool server, the default company is the Test Company which you cannot administrate. So in case your users do not have a company-specific email address, we strongly recommend to rent a domain at a local internet hoster, set up a carpool club and provide an email address with this domain to each club member. Otherwise you need to add each user manually via the "User" view in your "Admin" menu.

If your company has locations in different countries and also use different top level domains, e.g. ".com" for the United States and ".cn" for China, you can assign the different email suffixes to the respective locations.

Here's how you can add an email suffix as an administrator of your company's carpool:

  1. Click on "Email Suffix" in the Admin menu
  2. Click on "New Email Suffix" below the list of the existing suffixes. At the bottom of the page the following form will appear:
  3. Ad the suffix of your company's email address.
  4. Select the respective location in the drop down field.



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