How can I add a Location?

Locations can only be added by an administrator.

In the context of Open CarPool a "location" is the area around one or multiple offices in which carpool users give each other a lift. So usually it is one town or a county. When you have offices so far away from each other that there is no daily commute between these offices, you need separate locations for these offices.

Here's how you can add locations as an administrator of your company's carpool:

  1. Click on "Locations" in the Admin menu.
  2. Click on "New Location" below the list of existing locations. At the bottom of the page the following form will appear:
  3. Add the name of the location
  4. Select the respective time zone in the drop down field. The time zones are clustered in regions. In case your location is not listed, select one location nearby on the same time zone.
  5. In case you company uses the phone interface, add the phone number of your local carpool dial in point.


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