How can I add Pick-up Points?

Pick-up points can only be added by an administrator.

The reason for this restriction is that the matching of car pooling offers and request works via a limited number of these points. In case every user could add additional points, the number of points would be inflational and the matching probability would be minimal. So the limitation of points helps to increase your chance to find a ride sharing partner.

In case there is no pick-up point nearby for you as a user, you can request one via your carpool admin. Please let your admin know where you would like to start and your admin will pick a nearby destination.

Here's how you can add pick-up points as an administrator of your company's carpool:

  1. Click on "Pickup Points" in the Admin menu
  2. Click on "New Pickuppoint" below the list of the existing points. At the bottom of the page the following form will appear:
  3. Add the name of the Pick-up Point. Use a short name which is well-known to your users, such as the name of train stations or crossings.
  4. In case your company uses multiple locations, select the respective location in the drop down field below.
  5. Now comes the tricky part: to determine the Geo coordinates you can use the Google Map by moving the red pointer to where your loaction is and then drop it there. This will require some moving and zooming of the map. If the pointer gets out of sight, just unzoom until you can see it again. Then center it before you zoom in again. It can be helpful to open Google Maps with your location in another browser window to better find it on your map. To precisely locate your Pick-up Point you should zoom in to a level where you can clearly see the respective streets.
  6. Save your point by clicking on the respective green button at the end of the form.

Some hints for selecting reasonable pick-up points:

The matching of ride offers and requests only works if a driver and a passenger meet at exactly the same point at the same time. So in case the two users use different points close by, it would not lead to a match. Therefore pick-up points should not be too close to each other. Otherwise it is not likely that both users use the same points for their rides. A good rule of thumb is a distance of at least 1 mile/1.6 km between points. A good choice is always to use train or subway stations. They are usually scattered in a reasonable distance and in addition allow your users to switch from and to public transport and offer some shelter in bad weather conditions waiting for the driver. 

The first point added to a location should be your company's office.

Please also see the article "What are Pick-up Points".


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