How Can I Offer a Lift with my Cell Phone?

You can offer a lift with any simple cell phone supporting text messages. No smart phone is needed. Your phone just needs to support text messages. In order to allow the system to recognize you, please let your phone transmit your phone number.

  1. Call Open CarPool at one of the phone numbers below.
  2. After the greeting press the "1" key to offer a lift
  3. Enter the departure time at your start point in 24-hour format using your phone keys, e.g. "1430" for 2:30 p.m.
  4. Enter the 2-digits route number. You can find the available route numbers for your location on the Open Carpool website at More > All Routes.
  5. Done. The system will inform potential passengers and they will give you a call to arrange a pick up in case.
Once you are registered, you can check it out at one of the following phone numbers:

San Jose, CA, USA
+1-408-215 23 08

Berlin, Germany
+49-30-60 98 99 77

Dublin, Ireland
+353-1-48 80 378


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