How Do I Create a Route?

Step 1

  • To create your own individual route, click on More > My Routes in the menu to get to the My Routes page.
  • At the bottom of the My Routes page, click on the “New Route” button.

Hint >> Company admins can also create public routes using the Admin menu option “Routes”. This function is only available for admins.

Step 2

  • Enter a name for your route. We recommend descriptive names like “Norwell to MIT campus”
  • Select the respective location in the drop down menu.
  • Leave the two other fields as they are.
  • Click on the “Save Route” button

Step 3

  • Select your start point from the drop down menu
  • Leave the step time of the start point at 00:00
  • Select your 2nd point
  • Enter the time it take to get to this point in the Step Time field in hours and minutes. Format: hh:mm� (also see below). In case you don't know how long it takes from the first point to get to the respective point, we recommend to use route planners such as Google Maps.
  • Add addtional points as needed
  • A route can have 2 to 10 route points.

What is a Time Step?

  • When you create a route the system asks you for a “Step Time” for each of the points. This is the total time it takes to get there from the starting point in average.
  • Enter the hours and minutes it takes to get there starting with 00:00 at the first point. Do not enter the time of the day (e.g. 7:10 a.m.).
  • In case you don’t know how long it takes to the respective points, use any route planner such as
  • In the system it should look like in the form below:



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