How Can I Offer Lifts via my Oulook Calendar?

Tired of offering every single lift separately?
Then you should check out this feature. You can now offer recurring lifts conveniently simply via your Microsoft OutlookTM calendar:

Steps to offer recurring lifts as a driver:

  1. Select the route ID
  2. Create an Outlook calendar appointment
  3. Enter lift information
  4. Make it a recurring appointment
  5. Invite Open CarPool
  6. Check offers


1 Select the route ID

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on More > All Routes
  3. Select the respective route ID and remember it

Hint >> To highlight the routes on the map you can hover over the route names in the table. If the route is set up properly,  it will be shown on its own on the map.

Hint >> Your location needs to be set to the location of the route, e.g. to select a Boston route your location needs to be Boston. In case of a doubt, please check the menu "More" > "My Location".


2 Create an Outlook calendar appointment

  1. Open the Microsoft OutlookTM Calendar
  2. Double-click on the time and date when your series of lift offers should start


3 Enter lift information

  1. Enter “offer” into the Subject line
  2. Enter “route” followed by your selected rout ID into the Location line
  3. Adjust the Start time if necessary.

Hint >> The End time does not matter for the system. But you might want to block the time of your commute.

Hint >> If you want to offer a ride in the reverse direction, please add the word "back" after the route number in the location field, e.g. "route 14 back". This appointment will then offer a lift solely in the reverse direction.


4 Make it a recurring appointment

  1. Click on Appointment
  2. Click on Options
  3. Click on Recurrence
  4. In the Appointment Recurrence pop up window select

e.g. Daily
e.g. Every Weekday
always an End by date no longer than 1 month in the future.

Hint >> If you don't enter an end date, your offer can not be proceeded by the database and you will receive a decline. If so, please reopen the series in Outlook, add an end date and send an update.

BUG >> In case you receive an error message "No end date given" although you have set an end date, please switch the end date to "End after ... occurances" and send an update.


5 Invite Open CarPool

  1. Click on Appointment Series
  2. Click on Invite Attendees
  3. In the changed window enter into the To... line
  4. Click in the Send button

6 Check your Offers

Allow the system to read your mail. After a few minutes your Outlook appointments should all show up as single offers at
To check this

  1. Click on Driver
  2. Click on My Offers
  3. You should see

7 Modify or Cancel Offers

To change the time of an offered lift or cancel an offer, simply change the respective appointment in Outlook accordingly and send an update.

  1. Modify the respecitive appointment
  2. Send an update or cancellation

Also consider to request recurring lifts via Outlook, see

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