How do I register for Open CarPool

You can register for Open CarPool using your company email address and a cell phone number at

After submitting your name, email address and phone number you will receive a SMS text message with a verification code and an email with a link. Click on the link in the email. This will open a confirmation page where you can enter the verification code you received via SMS. With submitting the verification code you finalize your registration and we could verify that both your email address and your phone number are valid and belong to each other.

The name you are using in your registration will be shown to your colleagues together with your mobile phone number. Therefore we recommend to use your full name.

If you want to use Open CarPool within your company, you should use your company email address. We only assign email addresses with respective suffixes (the part of the email address behind the @ symbol) to specific companies, e.g. only adresses ending with or will be assigned to the carpool of company X. All other user which have an unknown email suffix will be assigned to our test company which is intended for testing purposes only.

The phone you are using needs to be able to receive SMS text messages which should be the case for all mobile phones. Please use the following format: 1234567890 with +1 being a placeholder for the country code, e.g.
  • +1 for the USA and Canada
  • +7 for Russia
  • +55 for Brazil
  • +91 for India
  • +86 for China
  • +44 for the UK
  • +49 for Germany
The country code gets followed by an area or provider code, here 234 used as a placeholder. This is followed by your individual phone number, here 567890 as a placeholder.


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