How does the route matching work?

A route consists of a series of route points or pick-up points. If one of the driver's route points is the start point of a passenger, we have a match. This means: the drivers passes by the passenger's start point and can pick them up on their way to the office.

As a driver pick one of the routes best matching your real route. In case none of the predefined routes match your route, you can create your own routes or request additional routes.

As a passenger, you don't need to care about all the route points between your start point and your end point. Simply pick a point closest to your location as a start point and the office as the end point or vice versa when you want to commute back home. In case no point is close enough to your location, you can request additional pick-up points. (Alternatively you can also pick a route. In this case we use the route's start and end points as your start and end point.)


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